Hello, there!

I’m Megan and this is my life. Welcome! This is the quick play by play of what you need to know about me:

  • I’m a Canadian living in Australia, with my Australian husband and our 4 kids! (they are pretty close in age, we had all 4 in 4.5 year, no twins).
  • I started blogging after my second son was born, as I was struggling mentally with post natal depression and writing helps me clear my mind.
  • I’ve battled post natal depression after each of my kids! But I fought back and I’m winning.
  • I love to write and have done so for as long as I can remember and am now pursuing that passion. Check out my ‘work’ section.
  • I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.
  • I used to snowboard like mad, but I’ve since swapped the snow board for a surf board and love to be in the ocean.
  • I just became a lifesaver this year, and patrol at my local surf club, which I am highly involved with through the nipper program for kids.
  • I volunteer probably too much.
  • I love to be outside and be active. I also love eating good healthy food and am a sucker for a fruit and vegetable road side market.
  • I do yoga, and meditate a lot, it keeps me sane (sort of).
  • I really like overalls, I barely wear any make up, I live in thongs (that’s flip flops for those overseas), I rock a pony tail daily, I say mantras to myself constantly, I love skateboarding, movies, art, camping and reading (when I can).


Want to know a bit more? Keep reading:

I started out with blogging about the ups and downs of life post babies. It’s turned into a mission of mine to make life realistic for other struggling parents out there. It is not all rainbows and ice cream. It can be hard. But it can also be amazing. Follow me and you’ll see how our family of 6 gets by. We aren’t a huge family, but we aren’t a small family either. You’ll see real living, some tricks and tips, the ups and downs, and just enough mindful inspiration to keep you persevering in your own family life.

Our kids are close in age. They are currently 7, 6, 4 and 3. It’s hectic, but not as hectic as it was 2.5 years ago, that was a crazy time. My older son started prep the year we had a newborn, plus 2 other kids in the middle, that was a hard year. That same year I lost my father very suddenly to a heart attack, which also took it’s toll. Life is a massive lesson all the time. In 2015 I was truly tested, and with the love and support of family and friends, somehow we made it out.

My husband works long hours, and this can prove to be tricky sometimes. We aren’t perfect, but we are doing our best. It can be a mission getting the kids to footy and ballet, and all their other events, but somehow we keep managing. We have had to live under a tight budget for our whole marriage and so I think i have become quite good at being frugal. We meal plan and buy second hand!

I am largely involved in my local surf club (how Australian is that right?), with the nipper program and just became a life saver this year. I love the ocean, but growing up in Canada, I only ever swam in lakes. I have enjoyed learning to appreciate the force of the ocean and am so happy my kids get to grow up swimming almost everyday and surfing.

I also kicked off my freelance career this year, and am very stoked to finally be putting my passion into something that can help me pay for all our kids sports. I’m currently writing for a few great websites, you can find them in my Work section, or send me an email and we can talk words and work.




2 thoughts on “Hello, there!

  1. Sasha says:

    Oh my, talk about busy!!! I have really been enjoying looking at all your different posts! You have a great blog and I am so glad I bumped into it! 😉


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